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Our Pro Shampoo and Pro Conditioner now available in

half gallon and one gallon sizes with convenient pump dispensers.

Detangler and Fur Fresh now available in 32oz refill sizes!


Developed initially for the Havanese coat, our grooming products are effective for any breed and coat type!




  Grooming products developed with care for our valued pets

Shampoos, conditioners, detangler and fur freshener

Concentrated shampoo - can be diluted 50/50 to provide 32oz shampoo for a 16oz price! 

Pro Brightening Shampoo - great for any color, to bring out the true coat color! 

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 Travel/Trial (4oz) sizes also available

Ziggy’s Pet Products is an on-line resource for superior pet grooming and wellness products. Owned by qualified, experienced cosmetic chemists, we develop and manufacture our own grooming products to the highest standards found in the industry. Our association with national dog breeders provides us with an input that is invaluable in our desire to meet the requirements of the professional grooming industry. We will continue to develop and market products that can be used by the discerning pet owner as well as for the professional show arena and welcome any suggestions for line extensions.

Ziggy’s  Shampoo can also be used on your cat. Simply dilute the shampoo by at least a dilution of 1 part shampoo and 3 parts water and apply to a wet coat. Avoid face area and rinse out shampoo completely, then dry thoroughly. It is best to avoid shampooing young kittens or using conditioner on cats as a cat’s “fur” has different requirements to a dog’s coat. You can rely on Ziggy’s Pet Products for your pet grooming supplies!

Ziggy's Pet Products take their involvement with the pet industry seriously and are proud to have supplied  product samples to the Havanese National Show and to Celebrity Catwalk for inclusion in their gift bags and we are proud sponsors of the Piedmont Kennel Club Show.


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About Ziggy

We named this business after Ziggy (aka Harbor’s Ziggy Stardust) a champion Havanese, a much loved show dog and pet. We still have Patch, Ziggy’s son (aka Harbor’s Friendship Star) and now Will (Harbor Invictus) who is a half brother of Patch. We are very honored to have a close friendship with Havanese Harbor, owned by Connie Field and delighted that we have received a glowing testimonial from Connie for our Ziggy’s Pro Shampoo and Ziggy’s Pro Conditioner.

To learn more about our cruelty free policy please follow the butterfly link.

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Look out for our new product range consisting of Lavender and Neem Calming Wash and Lavender and Neem Conditioning Rinse and many other exciting and innovative products currently in our research laboratories. Remember, at Ziggy's Pet Products, we develop and manufacture our own products. As experienced cosmetic chemists, we know how to develop mild and effective products.

For all international orders including Canada (outside mainland USA), please contact us for shipping charges before placing an order.

Ziggy's Pet Products is a division of AYU, LLC

Natural science

The botanicals in the product meet the science of cleansing power to provide a premium shampoo that is suitable for all breeds and coat textures. Paraben free and pH balanced to provide optimum results.

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